The Frito-Lay Snacks To You Program

In designing the Snacks To You Program, Frito-Lay listened to the needs of the small business owner who wanted to carry snacks in their store. Customers in outlying rural areas or small businesses did not believe they had the purchasing power to receive product directly from Frito-Lay. Many were having a difficult time getting fresh products quickly and easily. Frito-Lay created a unique program with flexible ordering options for busy store owners. Product can be ordered online, by calling our toll free number or by fax.

With a $25 minimum purchase, customers can order in smaller quantities and pick from a wide variety of Frito-Lay product. Store owners have the flexibility to order in single unit increments of a product to measure its success. The order is shipped directly to the store at no charge and arrives within two to three business days. There is no ordering frequency commitment required. In the words of a satisfied customer, the program is “the easiest way I have found to purchase snacks”.

To get started, complete the sign up form anywhere on this website, or call 888-600-6620 between the hours of 7am-7pm CT, Monday through Friday.

Customer Testimonials